Buy Buy Drip Feed Youtube Comments For Your Video Now!

It’s good that you ‘re looking to buy drip feed youtube comments. Many YouTubers just want to buy YouTube views and buy YouTube likes and therefore often order our YouTube Smart Package . Buying YouTube comments can help you make your videos more successful . Since YouTube changed its algorithm in 2018, comments have become more important than ever.

Why YouTube values ​​comments is simply explained. YouTube is interested in people returning to YouTube as often as possible and staying there for as long as possible. This means that YouTube can show more people more often and earn more money. Interacting with users in the form of comments makes YouTube – and your videos – more lively and uninhabitable . The fun factor increases.

But not only that, the ranking can also be increased by buying YouTube comments, since YouTube evaluates videos with a lot of interaction better. This increases the likelihood that your video will be recommended to other users more often, which in turn can bring you more views, likes or even subscribers – without having to buy YouTube subscribers .

On this page you can buy random English YouTube comments. The English comments are usually always written in general, so that they actually fit every video. The more comments your video has, the greater the chance of increasing your reach .

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